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From: Juan Pablo

Dear marketer,
On the first of january, as most people I was contemplating my business looking for ways to make some cash for one project, when I suddenly realized that I had some unexploited resources. More than 25 domains where collecting digital dust, while costing me real money to keep them. Yet I was reluctant to let them go to cut the expenses, as some of them where to close to my existing niches to give them to the competition, and others where reserved for projects I was not ready to cancel. Still each domain was bleeding me 9.96$ per year. Sure, you can let the hosting company make use of them, but then the payoff will be marginal, and you would have no control over how they are used. What I needed was an easy way to make them pay for themselves.

Discover the "Domain Reactivator" script.

I can write a long description of what piece of software does, but there is nothing like a real example.
To see the Domain Activator at work visit: (opens in a new window).

This simple script, takes a list of keywords, and almost magically produces a site, that's always fresh.

What Do You Need:

  • PHP hosting with PHP 4 or 5.
  • Amazon partner Id
  • eBay Partner Id
  • Adsense id
  • A list of keywords

Dear Fellow Marketer,

I have a confession to make, I'm not the original author of this program. The original one was posted at the now dead blog, and was very popular. This script uses Web 2.0 to create sites that pulls content from YouTube, Amazon, Adsense, and eBay, using a simple list of target keywords. Although I was exited with the original version, just to find out that to have this on my own server the script had to be almost rewritten for PHP 4 :-( . Still the idea was so compelling that I decided to go the extra mile and create a version that was portable across PHP 4 and 5. That version was followed by one that had some improvements like caching the pages for better performance and a new style sheet.

For the last months I have been busy installing this script on my own domains, until the day eBay changed the affiliated program, breaking the script and significantly reducing the revenue produced. The script needed another heavy lifting to accommodate the changes, and nobody seemed to care enough to fix it, so I decided to produce a new version that supported the new eBay affiliate program.

Equivalent scripts can be bought on the Net, for real money. The reason you are getting my version for free, is that I want to give back to the community, and in that process get in contact with other fellow marketers that like you are following the same path.


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