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Get your website listed in this resource directory! Fill out this form and I will add your site right away. Please choose one category. If you submit multiple times, I will just move your listing with each submission. You can have only one listing per site.

To change your listing, please use this same form. As long as you use the same URL or the same email address, I will treat your submission as a change instead of a new listing. To change your URL, just delete your current listing and then submit a new one. Want to delete your listing? Enter your URL and email address. Then enter just the word 'delete' in the site title and description boxes. The system will automatically know that you want to delete your listing.

I would like a link from you too. To give me a link, you can just copy/paste the below sample. If that doesn't work for your site, feel free to make up your own link. I appreciate all links!

Thanks in advance for your link back to me!

You will receive a confirmation email where you will have to click a link to confirm your listing... so be sure to enter an accurate email address. I won't share it with anyone. Your email address is safe with me. Just copy/paste the HTML code in the following box to anywhere on your site before requesting a link from me (or make up your own link):

After you have placed a link to us, just fill out the following form to request that your site be included in our resource directory:

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